Our Technology

Here at The Comment Factory we feel the same way about our technology as we do about the major issues on which we encourage comment. Free and Open.
We use ‘open source‘ technologies for as much of our site as we can possibly manage, which is pretty much all of it, and we’re pretty open about it too, so we thought we would spend a minute or two explaining what we use and why, just in case you are interested.

We chose to tell you in the order that probably affects you most, so no preferential treatment to anyone, except you, our readers and contributors.

Intense Debate

Intense Debate is user orientated threaded comment system that we use for two main reasons. Firstly the off-site storage and backup of our most important asset, your comments, and secondly to allow you to carry your comment profile and reputation to and from other sites separate from your author profile (you can link the two for your convenience in your profile, but the linkage is not publicly viewable) should you wish to keep your published work and opinion separate.

Intense Debate has not been around for a while, but their commitment to taking responsibility for, and most importantly remedying bugs that occur has led us to defend them with our honor and integrity rather than jumping ship at the first sign of a stray comment or strangely formatted title.

There are many good things on the horizon for our commenting partners.

For you the user, although yes, you may think ‘Why do i need to create another profile?’, you must understand that there are many people who comment but do not write article for The Comment Factory, and these people would like an identity too.
Many commentators do so prolifically through a host of similar sites, many of which use Intense Debate, and they carry their commenting credentials with them wherever they go.

Finally, you can manage all of your comments in one simple place. Not just your Comment Factory comments, but all of your comments made using the Intense Debate system.

Did we mention they were given a 5 star rating and top listing in this months .net magazine (web/geek journal on which our tech team swears) featurette on blog commenting systems.

So if you have resisted creating an account and having an image and reputation you can take with you on your comments, now is the time to fix that.

WordPress & BuddyPress

We love WordPress, we really do. It is the backbone of this site and our tech team would happily argue well into the night about the merits and shortcoming of one of the webs most popular open source content management systems. The simple matter of fact is that we all owe it a big thank you for allowing two guys with day jobs the ability to create and run this site.

BuddyPress is what now lets you all play nicely together and interact within the site. Thanks to our upgrade to BuddyPress in 2010 we can now handover complete control of your profiles to you allowing us to continue to grow without Matt and I have to give up the day jobs.

Media Temple

Our beloved hosts (as all hosts are until the server goes down). Credit where credits due though, their excellent level of service and the consideration in building an iPhone interface for the server allowing our technician-in-chief to kitesurf in remote locations and still reboot the server from time to time can’t go without a mention and offer of thanks.

Gravity Forms

It is only a small plugin, but our tech-team would like to remind you that every article that appears on our site has been submitted to us with a Gravity form which has massively streamlined the content publishing process.