How to Get More Streams on Spotify

If you are putting your music into Spotify, then it is safe to say you want it to be as successful as possible. There are a couple obstacles in your way, though. First of all, you are no Katy Perry or Bruno Mars. You do not have their reputation that makes a one million stream single a flop. Despite that, you can still try your best and get a fair amount of streams with a couple strategies.

First, being part of a label helps a lot, since it lightens a lot of weight from your shoulders. If you are not in a label yet, try your best to do so. If you can’t, though, try to follow some of the pieces of advice that will be presented below. Chances are: not only you can get a good amount of streams, but you may also get contacted by a label!

Use Social Media in Your Favor

You can not expect to put your songs on Spotify and spontaneously get thousands of streams. You have got to advertise it. Social media is one of the best methods to do so. But how can you do it?1. Hashtags

There are many hashtags that you can use in any social media to get more engagement. #NewMusicFriday, #NewAlbum, etc… You just need to check out which hashtags are the most popular – a simple google search will enlighten you.

2. Keep Your Audience Interested

Hashtags won’t do much if you just post once and leave. Insist. Continue to post. Let people know that you are still alive and rockin’. Remind them that you have new songs and reassure them that others will follow (perhaps even an EP or an album, but there are artists who prefer to release singles after singles and ignore full length projects). The more you use social media, the more chances you get to have a reasonable amount of streams.


They can be a good way to get streams fast and gain a couple followers, so it is a good option to try to get into an official Spotify playlist or an independent playlist maker. Despite that, do not count entirely on playlists. Even if you get more than a million streams, don’t call it a day! Eventually, you will be replaced on the playlists and, if you just celebrate and stop advertising your music, it will fall to virtually zero streams. That being said, keep your social media updated and use playlists streams as a way to boost up your content while you’re trying to get a solid fanbase.

Use the Pre-saving Feature

If you do so and manage to make a good amount of engagement in your announcement posts, it will benefit you a lot. The pre-saving feature basically allows users to let Spotify put your song directly into their libraries as soon as it is available. Spotify will also email the user whenever the song is available. Awesome, right? Some people might even dislike your song, but at least they pre-saved it into their library and listened to it at least once.

Listening Parties

Invite your followers for a listening party, with an explicit schedule. “Tomorrow at noon we will host a listening party of our whole discography and some songs from our biggest inspirations, followed by a live Q&A on Instagram!”. Of course, use the hashtags and all of that.

If well advertised, you will have a reasonable amount of streams at once. Doing a well advertised listening party occasionally is a great way for independent artists to gain views.

Don’t Stop Releasing Music

This is just as important as keeping your social media active. People get tired of listening to the same song over and over again. If you end up releasing one or two songs every five years, consumers will lose interest in you. What does that mean? Your daily streams will drop to virtually zero. Even some music titans end up seeing the fall of their career because they take too long to release new material, so if you continue to do it, people will not lose interest in you so easily (unless, of course, the quality of your music drops immensely).


Maintaining your social media and artistic presence is the most important of it all. Despite that, every single piece of advice in here is worth considering. But it is not absolutely necessary to fit all of these requirements. Check out this article, which explains how an independent artist called Lucidious managed to get 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify without playlists!


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