In the great words of Tesco [philosopher and feeder of the poor, 20th c], every little helps. Hopefully we can answer your questions here. But if not, you’ll find a list of emails at the bottom where you can direct your inquiries.

Why does it take so long for my article to be published after I have submitted it?

This site is run by humans, not computers. We fact check and review your articles before publishing. We don’t change the context of what you have written, but we correct typos, make sure images are where they should be, create thumbnails if needed and generally tidy up behind you.

Someone has written something I find extremely offensive, what can I do?

Are you able to put them back in their place with words? Then go for it. The world is full of people with conflicting views and opinions and the best way to deal with these is almost always through discussion and education.
However, if you feel someone’s gone a step too far, you can always report abuse through our abuse form and we will deal with your complaint accordingly.

I really like what you guys are doing but I think I could do a few things better?

Then let us know. We welcome constructive criticism. We don’t mind non-constructive criticism (we are just less likely to respond). So send us a message with your words of wisdom. Innit.

I really like what you guys are doing, is there any way in which I can help?

Go on then…. Especially if you’re a talented CSS designer who could skin the site in a more user-friendly style. Or someone who can help us take the business model forward so we can start infesting the world with our Factory products.
Please send us your soul in a contact form.

Who made your rather nice logo?

We have Patrick Fry to thank for our new logo. Thanks Patrick.

None of your questions were particularly helpful in solving my problem. Where do I go for a serious answer around here?

As promised, here’s a list of emails. Direct your inquiry accordingly and someone will get back to you quicker.